Our past clients

Woll Enterprises has helped a wide variety of companies and individuals achieve success. The following are some of our past clients, their product or field, and what we did to help them.
Website links are provided where available.

Accelerate Wind (renewable energy, presentation development)
Accurance (software, fundraising)
Ambassadors for Children (international philanthropic organization, fundraising)
American Sentry Guard (security software, fundraising)
AST (software, fundraising)
Augmate (virtual reality distribution and logistics, fundraising)
Barfly (software, fundraising)
Ben Collins (elite triathlete, branding and endorsements)
Curapharm (life science, fundraising)
Dr. David Reiss (psychiatrist, business development)
Diabtrol Life Sciences (medical, fundraising)
Energy Pro Services (energy, general consulting)
Evotem (software, fundraising)
Favored Dairy (consumer product, consulting on finance and product roll-outs)
Graber Amish Bakery (consumer product, fundraising)
Green Tech America (renewable energy, fundraising)
HCXperience (patient satisfaction data solutions, fundraising)
Humanizing Technologies (software, fundraising)
IV Diagnostics (medical device, fundraising)
Kaldenberg’s Landscape (consumer service, business reorganization)
LabRat Solutions (laboratory software, fundraising)
Lakewood-Amadex (medical, fundraising)
Madeira Therapeutics (medical, fundraising)
Magguzi (medical, fundraising)
Max Katz Bag Company (industrial products, business reorganization)
Dr. Marvin Scott (congressional candidate, fundraising and political consulting)
Meteor Ovens (consumer and wholesale product, fundraising)
Military to Go (software, development of marketing and sales strategy)
Need Fixed Parts (wholesale product; financing, mentoring, and consulting)
Onsite OHS (medical support, fundraising)
Peak Grip Glove (medical, product development)
Pieces of a Dream (movie, fundraising)
Phoenix Data Corporation (software, fundraising)
PinPoint Resources (technology professional sourcing, fundraising)
Prattle (software, fundraising)
Pyxant Labs (life science, merger)
Rapid Clad Solutions (manufacturing, product development)
Residential Warranty Services (consumer service, financing)
Romulus Capital (seed fund, fund development)
Sagamore Institute (think tank, general consulting)
Sales Diesel (sales software, fundraising)
Seettek (consumer product, general consulting)
Sentelligence (diagnostic sensing solutions, fundraising)
Speech Tree (speech therapy, client development)
Spiris (insurance agency, business reorganization)
Symbios Medical Products (life sciences, fundraising)
Tabalog (consumer product software, fundraising)
Tech II (software, fundraising)
Telecare (software, general consulting)
3DR (medical, fundraising)
3D Underwater Graphics (consumer product, fundraising)
TLD Concepts (medical equipment, business development)
Trophy Club (golf course, sale of property)
Zursh (business research, fundraising)

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