Woll Enterprises empowers businesses including companies that require consultation and funding for their inventions, intellectual property, and business projects.

In addition, we provide consulting to a wide range of individuals, including entrepreneurs, inventors, business executives, faculty at top research universities, and people looking to jump-start their careers.

David often meets new clients through referrals from current and past clients, financial institutions, attorneys, university technology transfer departments, and venture capital firms. Other new clients  meet David at major conferences, seminars, workshops, university demonstration days, or business plan competitions. Clients also learn about David online via articles about his projects or this website.

If you are interested in working with us, we welcomes you to contact us.

A few of our current clients:


Choitek (www.choitek.com)


Fabric8Labs (www.fabric8labs.com)


Intelligent First Aid (www.intelligentfirstaid.com)


Sentelligence (www.sentelligence.com)

Sentelligence conceives, designs and develops intelligent diagnostic sensing solutions for consumer safety, Homeland Security, and transportation.


Rainbow Chefs (www.rainbowchefs.com)


Waveform Communication (www.waveformcommunication.com)


We maintain a significant range of private business coaching clients, and invite you to view our extensive list of some of our past clients whom we have proudly contributed to their success.

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